Killer Transwoman Who Identifies as Baby Supplied with Pacifier by Scottish Prison

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The case of double rapist ‘Isla Bryson’, formerly Adam Graham, has shone a spotlight on another trans prisoner in Scotland – a convicted killer who identifies as a baby.

The case of Sophie Eastwood, formerly Daniel Eastwood, has been highlighted by news outlets including the Daily Mail and Daily Express. The story comes as Scotland’s left-separatist Scottish National Party (SNP) government, which has been pushing pro-trans legislation, grapples with the case of Isla Bryson, a tattooed, skinheaded rapist who began dressing in pink and identifying as a woman after being apprehended, and was briefly incarcerated in a woman’s prison.

Eastwood, who is currently serving a “life” sentence for strangling another inmate to death with a pair of shoelaces while serving a sentence for dangerous driving, is held to be an even more ridiculous example of the consequences which have flowed from the woke gender policies of Scotland’s devolved government, progressing from identifying as a woman to identifying as an infant girl, with the authorities at least partial indulgence.

Though held in an institution for males, the killer has reportedly been supplied with a dummy, as pacifiers are typically referred to in British parlance, and, according to the Mail‘s Paul Bracchi, “demands that guards give her nappies [diapers], blend her meals like baby food, and… hold her hand — whenever she leaves her cell.”

The Express reports that “[p]rison bosses are said to be taking the demands seriously”, but that the official stance of the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) is that it “can’t comment on individual prisoners.”

“This prisoner has been difficult and manipulative over the years, which is why she is still behind bars after 17 years,” a source said of Eastwood in comments to The Daily Record in 2022, referring the fact that the killer remains in custody despite the 15-year minimum term of their “life” sentence already being complete.

“She decided that she would ‘trans’ from a man to woman, which is becoming more common in jails these days,” the source told the Scottish newspaper, using the killer’s preferred pronouns.

“But this is obviously something else entirely and the Scottish Prison Service has no protocol in place for dealing with prisoners who decide they are babies,” they added.

“It’s difficult to know if she really does feel a natural inclination to be treated like a baby or if it’s just some kind of attention seeking.”

Eastwood complained to the Record about still being in prison — which the newspaper’s source said was “nothing to do with gender issues” — the same year.

“The prison service wanted me to have a psychological assessment as I hadn’t had one since starting to live as female,” Eastwood claimed, alleging that they had been “told by a manager that I would have passed the assessment had I still been living as a man.”

“I felt this was sexist and transphobic. The SPS was implying that as a man I didn’t ­represent a risk to the public but as a woman I did,” Eastwood suggested.

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