Gay Irish Govt Minister ‘Raided’ State Funds to Give Cash to ‘LGBTQ+’ Projects

Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth Roderic O'Gorman, TD ar
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Funding earmarked for various projects was reportedly “raided” by a government minister in Ireland, who handed the cash to ‘LGBTQ+’ Projects.

Roderic O’Gorman, Ireland’s infamous Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration, and Youth, is alleged to have “raided” funding earmarked for various state-financed projects, handing the cash over to ‘LGBTQ+’ projects instead.

A gay man, O’Gorman has been a militant supporter of mass immigration and other progressive issues in the country, even going so far as to demand that “transgender issues” are taught in the country’s primary (elementary) schools.

According to a report by the Irish Independent, the minister has now been caught with his hand in the state’s proverbial cookie jar, with the official using taxpayer cash to fund various pro-gay and pro-transgenderism projects throughout the country.

Overall, the minister is said to have taken around €1.1 million (~$1.17 million) of cash already allocated for various state-funded projects in 2021 and 2022, including one programme which aimed to provide support to Irish women victimised by Catholic institutions in the 20th century.

The minister is said to have rerouted the funding towards making “the development of rural community infrastructure to be inclusive and welcoming of LGBTQ+ persons” as well as “address[ing] gaps in LGBTQ+ services and support[ing] existing LGBTQ+ community organisations”.

O’Gorman is even alleged to have handed the Transgender Equality Network Ireland — a disgraced NGO which has repeatedly failed its legal obligation to file its financial accounts — just shy of $100,000 in funding that had initially been earmarked for the support of Ireland’s indigenous Traveller minority group, as well as ethnic Roma in the country.

“This is a national scandal, especially given the current alarming suicide rates among members of the Traveller communities,” Peader Toibín, an Irish MP and the leader of the pro-life Aontú party, remarked regarding the appropriation of funds by the Equality minister.

“Minister O’Gorman’s actions, as revealed in this correspondence, are shameful and unforgivable, especially in the context of homeless refugees, mother and baby home survivors who are approaching death without any prospect of compensation, and the appalling way successive governments have abused and neglected Travellers,” he went on to say.

A spokesman for O’Gorman’s government department has reportedly defended the Green Party politician, claiming that the reallocation of funding towards projects that support the LGBTQ+ agenda was all above board.

Above board or not, however, reports that government funding was handed to such projects at all is entirely unsurprising, with O’Gorman being a radical supporter of pro-LGBTQ projects and programmes since obtaining office.

Earlier this year, the minister expressed a desire to see Irish elementary school-age children taught about “transgender issues“, while also attacking those in the country who would dare criticise the movement.

“I think it’s important that primary school children as well have an understanding of the diversity of our society,” the minister reportedly said, adding that “[t]ransgender issues should be part of [the] primary curriculum”.

“The rights of trans people in our country can’t be up for debate,” the Green Party official continued. “The discourse, particularly on social media, has become incredibly vicious towards members of the trans community in recent years.”

O’Gorman went on to claim that “[n]o one wants to shut down free speech” in the country — despite the fact that his own government are in the later stages of passing brand new hate speech legislation that will make certain statements about homosexuals, transgender individuals, and perhaps even foreign legal and illegal migrants a criminal offence.

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