MEPs Denounce ‘Utopian’ EU Carbon Tax As Green Agenda Marches Through Parliament

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A number of MEPs from a variety of parties have derided and mocked EU carbon tax plans as the next stage of its green agenda passes the bloc’s parliament.

Key measures of the European Union’s green agenda have now passed the bloc’s parliament, with the implementation of new carbon tax measures in particular drawing ridicule from across the populist right in Europe.

The new tax regime is part of the EU’s “Fit for 55” regime aimed at cutting the union’s emissions by 55 per cent by 2030, with the plan being previously described as wanting to condemn the public to “poverty for generations”.

According to a report by POLITICO, core pillars of the plan — including a new system of carbon taxes on businesses — have now been agreed upon by the European Parliament, despite fears that such a system will cause the poorest in the union to suffer.

“Fuel will become more expensive because of this climate tax,” explained Vlaams Belang representative Gerolf Annemans in a press release given to Breitbart Europe. “This will not only have an effect on transport or heating, but also, for example, goods that require transport will rise in price.”

Seemingly aware of this fact however, the parliament also passed a Social Climate Fund in order to compensate some of the more vulnerable members of the general public who will be harmed by the measure, the existence of which has been roundly ridiculed by opponents.

“This is an indirect admission that the EU’s climate policy is an elite project that places a greater burden on the weaker and poorer in society,” Guido Reil MEP of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party remarked, describing the fund as another way for the EU to expand its own power.

“It’s always the same game: the EU is trying to solve problems that it created itself,” he continued, before adding that the attempt will fail, as the cash needed to bail out the vulnerable would also eventually need to come from increased taxation on the public, many of whom will reside in the bloc’s wealthier nations.

Such a sentiment was shared by Tom Vandendriessche MEP, who described the green agenda plan as a no-win scenario for the general public.

“Either the citizen pays a CO₂ tax, or he pays indirectly for the support measures that are intended to compensate for the damage caused by the CO₂ tax,” he said. “It is a scenario that only knows losers.”

Cristian Terhes MEP summed up the passed legislation as ultimately being “utopian” with the capacity to cause great harm to European economies.

“As much as the EU Commission tries, these utopian and very expensive measures will make European companies less competitive in a global market and are transforming the EU into a place unfordable to live in,” he told Breitbart Europe,

“The only countries to benefit from this vote will be the sweatshops of Russia, China and Vietnam,” he went on to say.

While opposition to the bill has been vocal, the nature of the resistance is not all that surprising, with many politicians within the bloc having repeatedly warned about the nature of the EU’s green agenda plans in the past.

Speaking on previous elements of the “Fit for 55” plan being passed by the European Parliament, Terhes previously told Breitbart Europe that the bloc’s climate agenda would cause great harm to those living within it.

“By passing the Fit for 55 legislation, the European Parliament has condemned the European Union to have no future and its citizens to poverty for generations to come,” he said last year, describing the climate reforms as being likely to scare away new and existing businesses.

“People will be left with less jobs, less opportunities and will barely make ends meet from one month to another,” he went on to say.

Another politician, Sylvia Limmer MEP, later denounced the green plans concocted by the EU as an “ideology-driven monster” that have already seriously damaged the bloc’s ability to keep the homes of its population supplied with gas and electricity.

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