Live Updates — Hollywood Mocks an Emotional Brett Kavanaugh: ‘Who Coached Him to Sound Like an A**hole’

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The Senate Judiciary Committee kicked off a hearing on Thursday morning in which Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford delivered testimony about Ford’s allegation that Kavanaugh assaulted her during a party in 1982.

Dr. Ford answered a round of questions, for more than five hours, from Senate Democrats and Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona prosecutor who asked Dr. Ford questions on the Senate Republicans’ behalf.

Judge Kavanaugh began his portion of the Senate hearing on Thursday at 3:11 pm, swearing under oath to tell the truth.
“I am innocent of this charge,” the judge said of the allegations against him brought by Dr. Ford.

Below are live updates (all times eastern) of the reaction to today’s hearings from Hollywood figures, many of which have protested President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.



6:35 pm – The hearing ended with Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) asking Judge Kavanaugh is he believes in God and if the allegations against him are true.

6:19 pm – Actor Ike Barinholtz used the Kavanaugh hearings to remind people to vote.

6:17 pm – Actor and comedian Michael Ian Black shared this thought.

6:02 pm – Actor Chris Evans chimed in with this question.

5:50 pm – This is what actor Billy Eichner is thinking about during the Kavanaugh hearing.

6:01 pm – Eight hours into the hearings, the committee has adjourned for a brief break.

5:36 pm – Actor Rick Hoffman chimed in with this.

5:34 pm – The Goldberg’s producer Adam Goldberg said this about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

5:21 pm – Actress Mia Farrow shared this thought.

5:14 pm – Actor George Takei added this assessment.

5:14 pm – Actress Patricia Arquette shared this thought on Twitter about Judge Kavanaugh.

5:03 pm – Actor Kumail Nanjiani had this to say.

5:01 pm – HBO’s The Deuce creator David Simon shared his thoughts about Judge Kavanaugh.

5:01 pm – Singer John Legend had this to say.

4:46 pm – Producer Danny Zuker said this about who he thinks Judge Kavanaugh is.

4:42 pm – Actor Adam Scott shared this thought.

4:35 pm – Director Rob Reiner said this of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

4:24 pm – Actor Rob Delaney tweeted this.

4:19 pm – Actor Josh Malina shared a Spotify link to a song called “The Tears Of A Clown.”

4:17 pm – Actress Amy Brenneman tweeted this about Judge Kavanaugh’s getting emotional.

4:11 pm – Actress Alyssa Milano had this to say of the hearing and Judge Kavanaugh’s remarks.

4:10 pm – Hollywood producer Adam McKay made this observation.

4:09 pm – Actress Minnie Driver said this of Judge Kavanaugh.

3:55 – pm – Actor John Cusack has this to say about Judge Kavanaugh’s opening remarks.

3:53 pm – This Is Us producer Ken Olin sent this tweet during Judge Kavanaugh’s opening remarks.

3:52 pm – Actor Kumail Nanjiani sent this tweet during Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing.

3:51 pm – Actor Josh Gad chimed with this tweeted.

3:49 pm – Actress Mia Farrow shared this quip on Twitter.

3:45 pm – Actor Billy Eichner said this of Judge Kavanaugh’s opening statement.

3:43 pm – Actor John Leguizamo tweeted this.

3:42 pm – Producer Morgan J. Freeman said this of Judge Kavanaugh’s opening statement.

3:38 pm – Actor George Takei said this of Judge Kavanaugh’s opening comments.

3:26 pm – The official Twitter account for Samantha Bee’s TBS late-night show Full Frontal tweeted this during Judge Kavanaugh’s opening statement.

3:20 pm – Actor Adam Scott said this during Judge Kavanaugh’s opening statement.

3:19 pm – Screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer had this to say of Judge Kavanaugh’s opening statement.

3:13 pm – Grammy and Oscar-winning singer John Legend said this of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.


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