Inebriated Intruders Incite Violent Shootings in Two California Cities

Inebriated Intruders Incite Violent Shootings in Two California Cities

Two California shootings over the weekend, one in San Francisco and the other in San Diego County, seem to have one common denominator: alcohol. Both victims were allegedly inebriated at the time of the shootings.

The first shooting, which occurred on Saturday, resulted in the death of a 26-year-old international business major who was studying at San Francisco State University and who had plans to join the U.S. Foreign Service. The San Francisco Chronicle‘s online website reports that Stephen Guillermo was shot to death at 1:40 am when he entered a unit on the wrong floor of his apartment building – on the 900 block of Mission Street — upon returning home from a night out of drinking with friends.

He got off on the third floor instead of the fifth floor, where he lived with his brother and sister, and went to the unit in the same location in the building as his home just two stories above, where he was shot and killed by the owner of the unit, Amisi Sudi Kachepa. Kachepa, 68, who later surrendered to police and was arrested in the shooting, said that he blamed Guillermo for breaking the knob on the door of his unit. The knob on the door was reportedly missing on Saturday.

Relatives of Guillermo expressed shock and confusion over his shooting death and described him as a non-aggressive, “gentle, quiet guy” who would not incite violence “or inspire that type of response,” referring to the confrontation that purportedly preceded the shooting.

On Sunday, a drunken 41-year-old man was shot and sustained injuries to his left leg after allegedly trying to break into the wrong house — on the 900 block of Rutgers Avenue — in Chula Vista, which is located in San Diego County, according to local ABC affiliate in San Diego,

The homeowner — who was inside with his family — reportedly told the inebriated intruder to leave, called 911, and armed himself with a handgun. The intruder then attempted to break through the home’s sliding glass door, prompting the homeowner to shoot him once in his left leg. The man was said to be receiving treatment for his injuries, which police have described as non-life-threatening, at a local hospital.

The Crimes of Violence Unit is investigating the incident.