Former Pro Surfer Jill Hansen Indicted For Attempted Murder

Former Pro Surfer Jill Hansen Indicted For Attempted Murder

Former professional surfer Jill Hansen was indicted by a grand jury in Hawaii on Tuesday, which charged her with second-degree attempted murder, unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle, and attempted unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle. Hansen allegedly ran over a 73-year-old woman with her car on purpose in a Waikiki parking lot, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Hansen allegedly followed the elderly woman, Elizabeth Conklin, into a parking garage, and intentionally ran her over, pinning her underneath another car parked in the garage, according to court documents. After reversing the car to try and hit her again, Chris Khoury, a maintenance technician who witnessed the incident, smashed Hansen’s back windshield with a crowbar in an effort to distract her.

Hansen then allegedly got out of her car and screamed “My father made me do this, he’s a high-powered attorney!” before getting back in her car and fleeing the scene. According to the Orange County Register, Conklin was taken to a hospital with cuts, bruising, and a head injury.

Hansen was an avid surfer in Southern California just a few years ago, according to the Register. She was a sponsored surfer for Rip Curl, and regularly competed in tournaments in Newport and Huntington Beach. In 2000, she won the Hawaii state longboarding championship.

Hawaii News Now reports that on Monday, Hansen attempted to escape prison while she was being processed. 

“She tried to slip out behind someone who was walking out the door,” Public Information Officer Toni Schwartz told HNN. “Thanks to the quick actions of our staff, they immediately grabbed her and stopped her from getting any further.”

Hansen’s bail has been set at $1 million.

Photo: UPI/Facebook