Sheriff's Dept Describes 'Horrific' Santa Barbara Stabbings

Sheriff's Dept Describes 'Horrific' Santa Barbara Stabbings

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department has released the names of the three victims whom Elliot Rodger stabbed to death and describes the crime scene as “horrific.”

On May 23 Rodger stabbed three people to death, shot three others to death, and attempted to kill four others by running them down with his car.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, two of the stabbing victims were Rodger’s roommates–James Cheng-yuan Hong, 20, and George Chen, 19. “A third man who was apparently visiting, Weihan Wang, 20, of Fremont,” was also stabbed to death in what was described as “a frenzied attack.”

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown described the stabbing scene as “horrific” and said the three dead men had been “repeatedly stabbed.”

“All three victims were identified as UC Santa Barbara students.” 

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