Minnesota Girl Rescues 4-Year-Old Who Plunged into Sewer: ‘God Put You Here Today’

sewer grate / manhole cover

A Minnesota mother is praising God for a 12-year-old girl who heroically saved her four-year-old son after he fell into a sewer, according to reports.

Sadie Peterson’s courageous rescue unfolded on the property of the Spirit of Joy Church in Buffalo, where Shayna Sykes and her two sons, Rowan and Nolan, attended Connection Pointe’s services, KARE 11 reported.

After services, Nolan and Rowan were playing with a group of children, KSNI noted, but things took a turn when several of them began working to open a manhole cover, Sadie told KARE 11

“I yelled at them to get away from there and Rowan was trying to kick it down because he knew that it was the wrong thing to do,” Sadie recounted.

Suddenly, she watched as four-year-old Rowan plunged into the sewer, which Sykes said drops down some four to five feet. Sadie, whose mother told KARE she is a girl scout, sprung into action. She rushed to the small child, grabbed him by the hand, and kept his head above the feces-ridden sewage below.

“Scary. I thought I was going to slip and let him go on accident and then I was so far deep down that I thought I was going to fall in,” Sadie told KARE 11.

At that point, Nolan took off running to alert Sykes of the emergency, who subsequently rushed over to help her child and saw Tim DuBois pulling both Sadie and Rowan up, according to KARE 11.

 Following the traumatizing ordeal, Shayna says Rowan was left drenched in sewage, and he was brought to the hospital to be checked out. There is a possibility he could develop pneumonia if he inhaled any fecal matter, so his parents are keeping a close eye on him to see if he develops any symptoms. The youngster also came away with a few bruises. 

Posted by Heidi Wigdahl on Monday, June 13, 2022

“You were exactly where you were supposed to be and you are exactly who God created you to be,” Sykes told Sadie. “You saved him and I don’t think he’d be here if you weren’t here. I’m so thankful that God put you here today.” 

The manhole cover has been secured, Learfield Wire Services noted.


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