EXCLUSIVE: €600,000 Tax Payer Funded EU Propaganda Push for American Schoolkids

EU propaganda

The European Union (EU) is advertising for “partners” that will go into schools in the United States to “engage young Americans in order to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the EU as a major player in the global economic system”. 

The budget of €600,000 (nearly half a million British pounds, and around $700,000USD) is to be spent across the United States, and comes under the purview of the EU’s “external aid programmes”. The description of the contract states: “The contractor’s main activity will be organising secondary-school level academic competitions in the United States aimed at deepening Americans’ knowledge about the European economy and the euro.

“In recent years, students from at least 100 schools across the nation have participated in the preliminary round of the competition. These student teams research, prepare and deliver in-depth presentations on the current state of the European economy, with a specific focus on 1 country and 1 economic challenge. This work fosters an increased understanding of European history, economics, institutions, and current events relating to the EU and the euro area.

“They also demonstrate knowledge of economic and political theory underpinning the European Union. When students come up with country recommendations, they enhance their problem-solving abilities. The contractor should steadily expand the size and scope of the Euro challenge by growing the number of students, teachers, and schools participating in the programme, preferably reaching diverse and underserved communities as well as increasing the geographic footprint of the competition across the United States, notably by recruiting new partners.”

And the use of tax payer money in this way has already been slammed by British politicians.

UKIP’s Steven Woolfe MEP spoke exclusively to Breitbart London, stating: “Not satisfied with spreading EU propaganda in our schools with dodgy pro European Union books, systematically perverting UK university students’ freedom to think with EU-supporting paid Monnet professors, Erasmus grants and project funds, the EU now wants to spend tax payers’ money spreading vile propaganda to the US.

“George Orwell warned of the power of propaganda, and the obliteration of history. If he was alive today the EU would be precisely the kind of anti-democratic organisation he would rail against.”

And despite the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal between the United States and European Union being labelled as a “free trade” deal, this EU contract restricts those who can apply to provide services to “all natural persons who are nationals of, and legal persons participating either individiually or in a grouping of tenderers which are effectively established in, a Member State of the European Union”. 

Last month the EU’s Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmstrom lashed out at the American negotiators in the TTIP deal, claiming that the “Buy American Act” was a major stumbling block. It appears the EU is just as protectionist.

The commencement date of the work is listed as November 2015, with the contract period lasting for 3 years.