Netanyahu: ‘Iran Planned a Terrorist Attack on French Soil’

Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a meeting with the heads of local regional councils, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009. General elections in Israel are scheduled for Feb. 10 and pre-election polls show Netanyahu with a lead over Foreign Minister and Kadima Party leader Tzipi Livni.(AP …
AP/Ariel Schalit

Tehran was accused of hypocrisy by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after a foiled Iran-led terrorist attack on an Iranian opposition group in France.

An Austria-based Iranian diplomat is being held in Germany, one of four people arrested on suspicion of plotting to bomb a meeting of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

It is not clear whether the Israeli leader was hinting that the Jewish state was responsible for foiling the terror attack on French soil.

“Against those who threaten to destroy Israel, we are taking strong action to ensure the future of Israel,” Mr. Netanyahu said during an address at the Underground Prisoners Museum in Acre.

“Even when we are the few against the many and when it is necessary to stand against the entire world we do this here, in our region; we do it in the international arena, we break down wall after wall, and sometimes it is necessary to break down walls of hypocrisy,” the prime minister continued.

Mr. Netanyahu said the fact the alleged plot was being hatched while President Hassan Rouhani was in Europe seeking to protect the economic benefits from the nuclear deal that the United States has abandoned was “an example of Iran’s boundless hypocrisy and brazen gall.”

“And I tell you that this attempt will fail—even as Iran planned a terrorist attack on French soil in Europe. It was no coincidence that this attack was thwarted,” he added.

Iran has said it had nothing to do with the plot, which it called a “false flag” operation staged by figures within the NCRI.

The Israeli premier then reminded EU leaders for the second time in two days to stop financing a terror state like Iran.

“I call on the leaders of Europe: Stop financing the terrorist regime that is financing terrorism against you on your soil. Enough with the policy of appeasement and weakness regarding Iran,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

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