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Iran Sponsors Terror Events In the United States; Imagine That!


It seems to me that as we look across time and U.S. reactions to other serious events that not only got planned and foiled, but also got executed, we could conclude that just about any tin horn dictator with a demo guy will try. Why? What makes them think that they can get away with it? Are we not THE most powerful country on earth?

Weakness invites attack

This latest by Mahmoud Achmejinedad, a low rent taunter at best, is just another in a long line of Noriegas, Kims, Husseins, Bishops, Khruschhevs, Gorbachevs, Chavazes, and others who have rattled their sabers. But wait! Have you noticed the difference when we actually do something about them and when we just want to have a beer and chat. Over time our strength has waxed and waned with the political wind.

For instance, we left Korea after three years, two of which while the fighting raged, we spent arguing about the size of the flags on the armistice room table. 33,741 battle deaths later we are still sitting at the table propagandizing while Kim Jong Il or Kim whomever is developing a nuclear capability. Now there’s good news. And what of Vietnam? After 8.4 official years and at least 4 more unofficial, and 47,000+ battle dead, we abandoned the place as our Congress just said no to our allies and let them be overrun by the enemy. That then sets the conditions for mass slaughter across the Indo- Chinese peninsula; like Pol Pot’s killing fields and wholesale murder of millions of Vietnamese who had aided us.

Trends? You bet and it goes on and on, like Somalia, USS Cole, the fly-by shooting in Kosovo, US embassies being bombed, like the Embassy take over in Iran, like Soviet invasion of Afghanistan where we just wanted to gather round the campfire and sing Cumba Ya! Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are probably responsible with irrational left and in some cases wag the dog actions, policies and decisions for millions of non-American deaths. Dismantling the CIA and defanging the FBI on domestic terror; failing to react at all (except boycotting Moscow Olympics…that showed those bullies) flailing helplessly at 17% inflation and 21% interest rates. Preaching that every American must share the burden. Recognize the rhetoric? And now, why would any tin horn dictator with a demo guy NOT think he could get away with it? This Administration actually sold guns to drug cartels to prove that owning guns is bad. This administration actually thinks the main man can talk the followers of Mohammed after 1380 years out of following their religious beliefs. This Administration WILL NOT react to acts of terror on US soil except by calling the cops or suing them in district court. Keep your heads on a swivel, America, Amateur Hour is still on.


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