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Ronald Reagan's Soul: Still Point In A Turning World

I have been called politically incorrect before, several times in fact, but last week Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson hung it on me again. I am proud that he did and he did so with a grin. Coming from

Independence Is Fought For And Won, Over And Over

The 4th is a celebration of patriotism and patriotism is defined as love of country. Why do we love, those of us who do, the United States of America? Is it freedom, liberties beyond anything this globe has ever known,

Libya: Tens of Millions of Elephants in the Living Room

Decisions, decisions… Well, since the United States of America has never had a coherent policy or strategy for the region known as the Middle-East, it seems that President Obama is now faced with an opportunity of a lifetime. I have

Gun Control, Self Control, and Tone Control

I am a firm believer that the nug behind the gun is what needs controlling. I also believe that automatic weapons, street sweepers and 31 round mags should be reserved for the good guys. But one restriction always leads to

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal: Be Careful What You Ask For

The great social experimentation ground for America since WWII is the US Armed Forces. (The force that is charged with perhaps the Nation’s most important mission….to fight and win our wars.) And once again it is challenged to figure out

North Korea: Why They Are What They Are

The United States ended WWII by dropping two nuclear weapons upon the Japanese homeland in 1945. The surrender of the Japanese came soon after, catching The Kremlin and The Pentagon off guard. The invasion of Japan was a certainty to

Nidal Hasan; Hero of the 3rd Jihad: C'mon Man!

First and foremost as a former career Soldier, I have questions. How could this guy be passed on by multiple senior officers? How could anyone have ignored what he was saying and not rather have thrown his ass out of

That Dadgum Mosque Really Bothers Me

I keep hearing from the left – led by none other than “the professor,” President Obama – “We are not at war with Islam, we are at war with al-Qaida.” The teleprompter just keeps prompting him to drone on regarding

Never Forget: Aftermath of 9-11

The attack on the United States by followers of Mohammed, mostly Saudis, caused the President to almost immediately start one of the longest wars in US history: the invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq. The intelligence community, which “could of,

Ground Zero Mosque: WWJD – What Would Jefferson Do?

So a Mosque and Islamic Community Center just feet from ground zero? Hmmm, I wonder what Jefferson would do (WWJD)? In 1784, attending a conference in Paris with Franklin and Adams to “market U.S. goods,” TJ was quick to determine