National Health Service's Transgender Art 'Diversity Week'

National Health Service's Transgender Art 'Diversity Week'

While British citizens wait in line for medical care, the National Health Service is sponsoring hundreds of its employees to attend conferences on diversity this week. Among the “inspiring images” they will be asked to view are pictures celebrating “the lives of transgender staff and patients.” It will cost the NHS a minimum of £30,000 to cover the costs on this event.

One of the most visible pieces of art will be a timeline created by the NHS to cheer “achievements from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, and particularly those who have contributed to healthcare.” Examples include James Barry, a British Army surgeon who pretend to be a man during the 19th century. NHS is defending the event, with Dean Royles, director of NHS Employers, explaining, “Patients want to be treated without fear of discrimination because of their sexuality, gender, race or religion. NHS organisations recognize that there are large personal and cost implications for not getting this right.”

Misallocation of resources? Not according to NHS, which is more concerned with the feelings of transgendered people than the health of its citizens.


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