Al Qaeda Infiltrates Syria Opposition Forces

Al Qaeda Infiltrates Syria Opposition Forces

The New York Times is reporting that Al Qaeda wants to link their “insurgency in Iraq with the revolution in Syria.” To this end, the terror group is infiltrating opposition forces, particularly the Free Syrian Army, thus bringing suicide bombings to the fore as a weapon of choice against President Assad and his government.

Al Qaeda operatives who’ve already joined the ranks of the Free Syrian Army released a video announcing the accomplishment. In the video, flags of Al Qaeda fly in the background while a speaker says the operatives are forming suicide cells to make jihad in Syria. 

Coincidentally, there have been “35 car bombings and 10 confirmed suicide bombings” in Syria since December 2011.

Assad’s government has claimed that Al Qaeda played a role in the opposition movement from the start, yet these claims were rejected early on. However, at this point, Al Qaeda is making the claim themselves.

In other words, they are involved and they are infiltrating the ranks of the opposition.