Israeli Tanks Score 'Direct Hits' on Syrian Targets

Israeli Tanks Score 'Direct Hits' on Syrian Targets

Israel struck back against Syrian forces violating its border for the second time in two days. 

Israel first responded Sunday, when the Syrian conflict spilled into Israeli territory. On Monday, Syrian forces fired a shell into the Golan Heights; Israeli tanks returned fire and scored “direct hits on Syrian mobile artillery.” 

Israel maintains that the first strike launched against Syria was a “warning shot.” Monday’s response was intended to send a clear signal.

Israel’s response to Syrian aggression has been measured, as no Israelis have been harmed. However, as long as Syria remains determined to fire across the border indiscriminately, it’s understood that Israel will do what it must to protect its citizens.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu said: “We will not allow our borders to be breached or our citizens to live under fire. We will respond accordingly.”