Indian Journalist Gang-Raped in Mumbai

Indian Journalist Gang-Raped in Mumbai

A young female Indian photojournalist was gang raped by five men in Mumbai, India on Thursday. She is in stable condition at a local hospital.

She was on an assignment for a magazine in an isolated corner of Mumbai’s business hub. The five men told her and her male colleague they could get her permission to shoot inside an abandoned building. They accused the man of taking part in a local crime, which he denied. They then tied him up and took the woman away and took turns raping her.

Police arrested one suspect on Friday, and he named the other four men allegedly involved. Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh released four sketches of the men but will not release the names because he does not want them to have advanced warning before police can arrest them.

India has been plagued with a number of high profile cases of sexual violence in the past year. In December 2012, a young woman was brutally gang raped on a bus and died in the hospital 13 days later. To make matters worse, several Indian officials blamed the victim for the attack. In February, three sisters, aged 5-11, were gang raped, with the four-year-old later dying in the hospital.

Sunny Hundal published the e-book India Dishonored: Behind a Nation’s War on Women in which he explored what is happening in India. He claimed it is a cultural problem, where women are not respected, and sex-selection practices are wide spread. There are 60 million females missing because of abortion, babies killed once born when the parents discovered they were female, or babies who died of neglect because they were females.