Jihadist Murderer of British Soldier Inspired by American Islamist Preacher

Jihadist Murderer of British Soldier Inspired by American Islamist Preacher

Michael Adebowale, one of the two Muslim jihadists who murdered 25-year-old British Fusilier Lee Rigby, 25, revealed in a letter written the day after the sentencing verdict that he was inspired by the radical sermons of Khalid Yasin. 

Yasin killed Rigby by striking him down with a car and then carving him to death with a meat cleaver, and he has also lauded beating women and killing gays. Adebowale complained in the letter that some Muslims had condemned the killing.

According to the Daily Mirror, Adebowale claimed he converted to Islam in 2009 after investigating it and listening to Yasin. He wrote:

I have always been a fairly spiritual person in terms of belief in the unseen, and I suppose because most of my friends at that time were Muslims. So the combination of the two factors caused me to start reading up and learning more about Islam. The more I learned the more interested I became, which led to me listening to a lecture by Sheikh Khalid Yasin – you may have heard of him, he is based in the U.S. The title of this lecture is called “What is the Purpose of Life?” After hearing this I had to conclude that the purpose of life is to acknowledge and worship the creator.

Adebowale added in the letter, “Even though I received letters from my family they aren’t Muslim so unfortunately I never get that sort of ‘click’ with them.”

Yasin, 67, was a gang member from New York City and converted to Islam as a teenager. Besides his hatred of women and gays, he has also claimed that the U.S. created the AIDS virus to oppress the third world, and that Muslims should eschew universities because intellectual study is anti-Islamic.

Adebowale’s mother Juliet Obasuyi lamented when interviewed by the Daily Mail this month: “I lost my son. He’s not dead, he’s still alive, but I lost him to the Jihad people.”