Gorbachev Is Not a Hero and Nine Other Take Aways from Breitbart News Sunday

Gorbachev Is Not a Hero and Nine Other Take Aways from Breitbart News Sunday

On Breitbart News Sunday broadcast on Sirius XM patriot Radio channel 125, Editor-in-Chief, Alexander Marlow sat in as host for Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. 

Bannon, who is at the Vatican and conducted his own radio show on Breitbart News Saturday in tribute to the Canonization of Pope John Paul II, did call in to the Sunday show to share some of the highlights.

Here are just a few of the interesting items one could have learned if they listened to the program:

1) According to Executive Chairman Bannon, of the million plus people who came to the Vatican to witness the canonizing of John Paul II and Pope John XXIII, approximately 80% of the people were under the age of 30. Bannon said, “I think one of the unreported stories of all of this is the youthful turn-out. There is a lot from Europe, obviously Italy and Poland, but also they have come from Belarus, Central and Latin America, Canada, the United States, central Africa, Asia and India. This was a world youth day on testosterone.”

2) Bannon believes that the millennials today have more in common with their grandparents then they do with their parents based on his experience, “I think they are very gritty and I think it is a great generation.”

3) Of the multiple hours of coverage that CNN gave to Pope Paul II, not once did they mention Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in connection with the destruction of the Soviet Union. However, they did mention Mikhail Gorbachev.

4) Whitaker Chambers said in his great book “Witness” that “The Great struggle of the twentieth Century was not between Capitalism and Communism, but the struggle between the Judeo-Christian West and Atheism.”

5) According to Mr Bannon, economist and finance genius Larry Kudlow’s raw candid testimony how Pope Saint Paul II words of “Do not be afraid” transformed his life from an addict to a devout Catholic and 19 years sober, was the most powerful six minutes of radio that he had ever encountered.

6) Dr Sebastian Gorka, Professor of asymmetric warfare and, according to EIC Marlow, “our #1 visionary for Big Peace,” said that there is a mistaken narrative that Gorbachev was a hero in the cold war with his program of Perestroika. Gorka said that “Gorbachev created Perestroika and Glasnost to reform the communist system, to make it more efficient, not to undue it. The idea that the man twho wanted to make communism more successful actually brought down the Berlin wall, that is a completely false narrative. If there are any heroes it has to be Pope Paul II, Margaret Thatcher and President Reagan.”

7) Pope Paul II said this about communism: “We are in a war between the Church and the anti-church.”

8) According to Gorka we have to be grateful for and “praise, remember and celebrate this triumvirate of individuals who broke the back of the most pernicious and deadliest ideology the world has ever seen.”

9) Communism is responsible for 100 million people killed in the twentieth century, which utterly dwarfs the holocaust which most tally between six and seven million people.

10) President Bill Clinton refused to take a call in 1993 from Pope Saint Paul II until his ambassador to the Vatican threatend that he would go to the media and reveal his actions.