Rally at Nigerian Embassy in DC Seeks to 'Bring Our Girls Back'

Rally at Nigerian Embassy in DC Seeks to 'Bring Our Girls Back'

Hundreds of Nigerian-American demonstrators and their supporters rallied today at Nigeria’s embassy in Washington, D.C., seeking to free the 276 girls (and the 8 more abducted today) kidnapped by the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram.

“Bring back our girls, now!” was the chant heard throughout D.C. today. Nigerian citizens, demanding accountability, urged their government to do whatever possible to bring back the schoolgirls abducted from their Chibok boarding school in Nigeria.

The demonstrators wore red shirts that read “#Bring Back Our Girls” on the front and “276 Stolen Dreams” on the back.

One of the speakers, urging the United States president to support the effort said, “Barack Obama: please don’t fall asleep on us!”

An event organizer told Breitbart News, “Nigerian Americans need to lead this movement, be at the forefront of this movement. The rest of us need to be active, we need to stand in solidarity with our family.”

“No more abuse, all girls matter,” said another attendee, upset about Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s response to the terrorists’ actions. She continued, “Bad things happen but silence saves no one. Can we unite together to do what it takes? We demand the Nigerian government stands in solidarity with these girls”

“I stand as a concerned father,” one demonstrator said, making a heartfelt call to action.

Another activist took to the microphone. She did not want the conflict to be perceived as a situation with religious underpinnings. “People have been brainwashed and see this as a religious war,” she said

Most estimates show Nigeria split down the middle in demographic data between Christians and Muslims. President Goodluck Jonathan is a Christian. The terrorist group Boko Haram (translated as “Western education is forbidden”) on the other hand, stresses Islamist radicalism.