U.S. Ambassador to Israel Flies Gay Pride Flag over Tel Aviv Embassy

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Flies Gay Pride Flag over Tel Aviv Embassy

A gay pride flag now flies over the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, just slightly below the American flag. 

U.S. ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro trumpeted the display on Facebook in a post shared by the embassy’s official page. 

Some enthusiastically supported the state’s endorsement of homosexuality in the Holy Land.  

“Thanks for the support! Sorry all the nut jobs on here are giving you such a hard time,” read one comment.  

Many other visitors to the embassy’s Facebook posted outraged comments, calling the flamboyant display inappropriate.  

“Grossly inappropriate. Juvenile. Unprofessional. Exactly what I expect from this Administration,” wrote one. 

“This flag being hoisted next to the American flag is inappropriate. How is this ‘gay pride flag’ representative of all Americans? The answer is, it is not! This flag needs to come down,” said another. 

One highly-upvoted comment called for Shapiro’s removal from office: “What in the he’ll [sic] are you thinking!!!??! Ambassador, you need to be removed from office!” 

One apparent military veteran named Brian Turner scolded the Obama administration. 

“Embarrassing for my country I fought for to involve themselves in things like this. Another embarrassing Obama administration display. How about you do the work of an American embassy with some dignity and simple pride in America,” he wrote.  

Another slammed Shapiro for ignoring the plight of P.O.W.s in captivity while lobbying for a tiny sexual minority in the domestic U.S.

“Funny how I never seen any embassy flying the Amnesty International flag or the POW/MIA flag,” he wrote. “Flags that carry a deeper justice meaning. This is not as simple as an issue about gays/lesbians rights but about government involvement in matters it shouldn’t be. An embassy is not the Empire State Building that can decorate itself with the colors of causes and lobbyists.” 

(H/T: Todd Starnes)