London Footballers May Hold Key to ‘Jihadi John’

REUTERS/Social Media Website via REUTERS TV
REUTERS/Social Media Website via REUTERS TV

Three Portuguese football enthusiasts who lived in East London before becoming radicalised and travelling to the Islamic State to wage Jihad against the civilised world may lead the security services to the notorious murderer terrorist Jihadi John.

Fabio Pocas

Fabio Pocas, 22, in his football stripes. Source:

The intelligence services now believe the men may be behind the production and distribution of Jihadi John’s graphic beheading videos, and if they can be found they could help lead investigators to the serial-killer terrorist. Intelligence analysis suggests they were heavily involved in the creation of the films, and in an oblique tweet one of the group posted about them a full month before the first execution film was released.

The group lived in and met socially in East London, in Walthamstow and Leyton. The youngest of the group, Fabio Pocas, moved to London to pursue a career in football but appears to have been radicalised instead. His biography on the UKFFFC website describes him as a man with determination: “He is very intelligent inside the four lines, disciplined, skilful, overtakes any player with his full speed dribbles and only stops when the ball reaches the net. Fernando Torres is his hero and he moves like him too. A frightening prospect for any defence”.

Despite having the opportunity to potentially play with professional clubs, Pocas decided his future was with Radical Islam and left Britain for a new life in the Levant to service the Islamic State. The Daily Mail reports his latest Facebook post read “Holy war is the only solution for humanity”.

All five of the men are of African descent, having travelled to Portugal from the Iberian nation’s former colonies.