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President Palin or President Limbaugh? Either Way Chuck Todd Loses


To any lucid observer of politics in America, it should be obvious that the two political figures whom the mainstream media (MSM), the Republican establishment, and the Democrat leadership currently despise more than any others are Gov. Sarah Palin and talk show giant Rush Limbaugh. In general, the reasons Palin and Limbaugh are despised is because they are both disciples of Ronald Reagan, they unabashedly view America as exceptional, and they refuse to back down even in the face of the most ridiculous shame tactics imaginable.

For example, shortly after Obama took office, Limbaugh told his listeners of the dangers Obama posed to this country, and then uttered the now famous words: “I hope he fails.” Members of the MSM went apoplectic, the Republican establishment, led by then RNC Chairman Michael Steele, criticized (and ostracized) Limbaugh for the comment, and the Democrats maligned Limbaugh by taking his words out of context and trying to convince everyday citizens that Limbaugh wanted this nation to fail.

Anyway, long story short: Limbaugh did not back down, and he’s still on the air every day to a growing audience but Michael Steele has been relieved of his duties as RNC Chairman. Moreover, the past two years of Obama’s rule have proven Limbaugh 100% correct in his analysis of the danger Obama posed to this country.

Or think about the way the same people have tried to shame Palin into silence.

Remember how the MSM went crazy because she wouldn’t tell them where she was going to be stopping for dinner or what hotel she was going to stay in or what National Monument she was going see next on her bus tour? They threw a tantrum and accused of her everything they could think of to try to shame her into giving them an itinerary – they even said the way her bus tour was conducted may have violated the law – but Palin didn’t budge. Instead she said made it clear that she doesn’t owe the media a thing.

Just this week in Newsweek, Palin goes a step further by saying: “The mainstream press is becoming less and less relevant.” And regarding interviews, should she declare her candidacy, she said: “I would say no to those who have lied about me. There is no need to reward bad behavior. I’ve learned. You know, once bitten, twice shy. I have learned.” (Wow, with one fell swoop she just told Chris Matthews and the rest of those nitwits at MSNBC that they’re out of luck.)

Folks, this is the kind of stuff that sends the MSM, Republican establishment types, and the Democrat leadership into fits of rage. And it’s why certain of them make fun of Palin’s child with Down syndrome, make fun of the fact that Bristol Palin became pregnant before marriage, and still mock Limbaugh because he once had an addiction to pain pills.

The good news is that in carrying out these obnoxious attacks, they are showing us what they fear. (They don’t know they’re showing us, but it’s still clear that they are.)

They fear Palin and Limbaugh because both the former Gov. and the king of talk radio have something the MSM, the Republican establishment, and the Democrat leadership cannot seem to obtain: and that “something” is the support of the people. Every day Americans love Palin and they love Limbaugh too. (Just look at her book sales and the crowds that show up to get a glimpse of her in public if you think I’m wrong. And just consider Limbaugh’s listening audience of 20 million if you think I’m wrong there as well.)

Therefore, when Chuck Todd took time out of his meaningless commentary on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” to tell viewers that neither Palin nor Limbaugh could secure the nomination for the presidency if they sought it, I knew the fear was at an all time high. I also knew that we’ve got two winning hands to choose from here: President Palin or President Limbaugh.

Either way, Todd, the MSM, the Republican establishment, and the Democrat leadership will face utter defeat.


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