Banks Beware: #Occupy's Next Targets Revealed


The Occupy movement is planning to take ‘direct action’ against banks in the next several days, using a variety of tactics, according to video and email evidence compiled by Big Government. These tactics include physical occupations of banks, and attempts to encourage financial runs on the banks.

In this clip from the video bombshell that BigGovernment revealed on Sunday night, we see a New York Times freelance reporter and a self-described ‘commie’ laughing over the possibility of criminal acts against banks – has have happened recently in Dallas, Oakland, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. The assault on banks appears to be the movement’s latest strategy and part of an overall scheme to ‘take over the banks, to nationalize them’, as one #OWS supporter said in a recent email revealed by

This segment comes at about 57:30 in the full video posted by Jacobin Magazine and it shows New York Times reporter Natasha Lennard authoritatively answering a question about what comes after the park occupation ends. Watching her answer, there’s no possible way to tell she’s reporter and not a active part of the Occupy movement. You’ll note her use of the phrase ‘that’s what we need to think about’.

Then something bizarre happens as Malcom Harris takes the microphone. You’ll remember we showcased Harris on Monday discussing how Glenn Beck was correct in his analysis that Occupy wanted to ‘drag people into the streets.’ As Natasha Lennard hands the mic to Harris, he seems like a kid who can’t keep a secret. He speaks cryptically about banks and their doors while Lennard giggles like a nervous schoolgirl who knows exactly what Harris is talking about. As the vauge hints die down, the moderator seems to stop the conversation before it goes any further.

Here’s the transcript but watch the clip yourself to see the strange interactions and body language.

Lennard: I think that’s what we need to think about – not just occupation in terms of a stable notion of ‘space to sit in’ but what occupies…in terms of ‘holds up flows’…in terms of ‘makes people occupied in their minds otherwise’. I think a refiguring of what occupation means will be very important when it comes to moving beyond thinking about that bit of concrete in downtown Manhattan.

(smattering of applause)

Harris: There are a lot of banks around, umm…

Lennard : (laughing, leaning forward) Shhh

Moderator : (raising his hands) Just saying!

Harris: The door open and close….generally independent of who opens and closes them.

Harris shrugs as Lennard appears to nervously chews on a fingernail.

Lennard: (unintelligible)

Harris : Just saying.

Moderator: And that is all.

Our initial video release got major mentions on right from leading figures like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck but in the mainstream media, there was nearly complete silence over a video that shows in clear, explicit terms the violent endgame that #Occupy’s socialist, communist and anarchist leadership are not only fantasizing about but appear to be actively planning. This is a clear and present danger and it’s time for the media and local officials in cities being ‘occupied’ to start dealing with.


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