Obama Wants Florida for His Birthday

Obama Wants Florida for His Birthday

He’s got an iconic personal plane, a fortress-on-wheels armored car and lives in a historic home: so what do you get the President of the United States for his birthday?

How about the state of Florida?

President Barack Obama told supporters Thursday he would settle for a victory in the Sunshine State in November’s election, as he gears up to celebrate his 51st birthday this weekend.

Obama won Florida in 2008 in his election victory over Republican nominee John McCain but he appears to be in for a tougher fight this time around, partly due to the foreclosure crisis that has savaged the state economy.

Still, a new poll by Quinnipiac University for CBS News and the New York Times released this week showed him in surprisingly good shape in the state, leading Romney by 51 to 45 percent.

Obama’s looming birthday did not escape his foes in the Republican National Committee, who offered the president’s detractors the chance to send him an electronic birthday card with an unkind message.

Obama is planning to celebrate his birthday a week late, on August 12, with a fundraiser for supporters at his family home on the South Side of Chicago.