Pelosi Strawmans GOP's Contraception Stance

Pelosi Strawmans GOP's Contraception Stance

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi insinuated this week that Republicans want to restrict access to contraception just as they want to restrict the practice of abortion. 

“It’s really important to point out the extremism of Republicans,” Pelosi said. “They may have a religious view about abortion–but birth control? Birth control? That they would shut down the government of the United States rather than fund Planned Parenthood. What more do you need to know about them.”

But does the GOP actually have a stance on birth control, religious or not? No. The GOP is against socialized medicine and violations of religious freedom. The party is not taking any measures to prevent health insurance companies from covering contraception, nor is it trying to make contraception illegal.

Republicans are against the government forcing private entities to buy private insurance policies that pay for procedures and products they have moral and religious objections to — whether it’s a birth control pill or Adderall.  

Mrs. Pelosi, along with other Democrats, know they are losing and will do and say anything to make Republicans appear extreme. The only extremism here is her own desperation.


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