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The Latest Tough-Talking Obama Fundraising Email

The Latest Tough-Talking Obama Fundraising Email

Damn. Double damn. Triple damn. No … GOOGLE damn.

If you thought the latest damn personal email from the Obama damn campaign was going to damn stop using those tough words like damn, you’re damn wrong. And now that the damn Obama campaign needs more damn money for the damn stretch run and is upping the damn ante from $3 to $5, they’re damn sure that they can raise more damn money. To wit:

Friend —

Huge news:

We finally closed the gap.

Oh, really?

We outraised Mitt Romney and the Republicans $114 million to $111 million in August.

Unbelievable. After three straight months of getting beat — and not by a small margin — more than 1,170,000 supporters made a donation to close the gap.

Wait a minute. You just said you were vastly outraised over the last three months and $3 million closed the damn gap? Who does your damn math?

We can’t let up for one second. These August numbers don’t reflect outside group fundraising or spending — and in that category we’re still getting thrashed.

You bet you’re getting damn thrashed.

Right before the conventions, we were being outspent by super PACs alone in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin. That margin was more than 2 to 1 in Florida, Iowa, and North Carolina.

Kinda damn scary, isn’t it. And we’re just beginning.

Already, more than 3 million grassroots donors have stepped up to make sure they can’t drown us out. According to our records, you weren’t among them. Are you going to let this campaign go by without joining in?

Uh-oh. You weren’t among them. Do you know what the sound of a damn IRS audit sounds like? Ante up. Now.

Stand up and be counted — donate $5 or more today to help build on this momentum.

We recently learned Karl Rove is rounding up the most powerful Republican donors to give all they’ve got to beat Barack Obama.

That damn Rove.

And it’s clear the Romney campaign has been building up a cash advantage that would allow them to blanket the airwaves with negative ads even if we did close the gap. Last week a Romney-Ryan official compared their latest ad campaign to the “daisy cutter” bombs used in the Iraq War. Another adviser to the campaign said their goal from now to Election Day is to “carpet bomb” President Obama and Vice President Biden.

After all our hard work over the past 17 months, I’ll be damned if the Romney campaign, Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and a handful of anonymous billionaires “carpet bomb” the President and end up deciding this election for millions of Americans in the last 57 days.

You’ll be damned? That’s macho talk, fella. You just cut God out of your DNC platform, and you’re asking to be damned? Maybe He can accommodate you.

We just proved we can go head to head with Romney and the Republicans and win. That can’t stop now.

Oh, yes, it damn can.

This will be a tight race to the end. Donate $5 or more today.

Together we’re proving that ordinary Americans — not special interests or super PACs — will decide this election. I’m proud to be a part of this campaign, and even more determined to make sure our hard work translates into a win for President Obama in November. I hope you feel the same way.

Thanks for all you’re doing.


Jim Messina

Campaign Manager

Obama for America

Well, if Jim damn believes he’s tough because he uses tough words like damn and casually invites damnation, he may be in for two surprises: one in November, and one when his damn time is up.


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