Breitbart News Launches 'Washington & Wall Street' Column with Chris Whalen

Breitbart News Launches 'Washington & Wall Street' Column with Chris Whalen

The financial crisis and its aftermath gave the public a glimpse of the intertwined relationships between Washington and Wall Street. The policies out of Washington have a profound gravitational pull on the markets and, as a result, the big banks on Wall Street have actively courted policymakers to ensure those policies benefit them. Breitbart News is launching a new regular column to shine light on these ties and the effects they have on the overall economy. 

The respected Wall Street analyst and author, Christopher Whalen, will provide his keen insights into this opaque world.  He is a frequent guest on media such as CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business and is known for his ability to speak about economics and finance in clear and understandable terms.  The respected analyst and investment banker James Rickards of Tangent Capital Partners called him “the best banking analyst” in the United States.

Chris is Executive Vice President and Managing Director for Carrington Investment Services, LLC, a unit of Carrington Holding Company, one of the largest private managers of residential real estate and loans in the US.  He is co-founder and Vice Chairman of the board of Lord, Whalen LLC, parent of Institutional Risk Analytics, the Los Angeles based provider of risk management tools for financial professionals. 

Christopher grew up in Washington DC and is known to many conservatives as the oldest son of Richard James Whalen, the journalist and biographer of Joseph Kennedy.  After graduating from Villanova in 1981, Chris worked of the staff of Congressman Jack Kemp (R-NY) and then at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  For the past three decades, Chris has worked in finance on and off Wall Street, including a stint in Mexico.  All the while this libertarian Republican has written prolifically about economics and finance.  You can see a partial list of his work on

Christopher is the author of the December 2010 book, “Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream,” now in a second printing from John Wiley & Sons.  Since 2003, Christopher has edited The Institutional Risk Analyst, a weekly news report and commentary on global financial markets.  He has contributed articles to Zero Hedge, American Banker and The National Interest.

Chris will be using the name of one of his old newsletters, Washington & Wall Street, as the title for his commentaries on  He will focus on developments in and around the American political economy and help us better understand how the federal government increasingly dominates all aspect of our society, from Wall Street to Main Street.