Seattle Businesses Ban Customers Who Refuse to Disarm Themselves

Seattle Businesses Ban Customers Who Refuse to Disarm Themselves

On August 19 Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn (D) and Washington Ceasefire board president Ralph Fascitelli launched a voluntary program in which city businesses sign up to become gun free zones.

For businesses that join the program, customers who refuse to disarm themselves will be asked not to enter and do business. 

Seattle’s KIRO7 reports a number of businesses have already joined the program. These include:

5 Point Cafe, Barboza, Big Mario’s Pizza, Brenthaven, Bus Stop Espresso, Cafe Paloma, Cafe Racer, Century Ballroom, Elliott Bay Books, First United Methodist Church, Fish Fry, Freddy’s Junior, Havana, Linda’s, Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge, Manhattan Seattle, Moe Bar, all six locations of Molly Moons, Neumo’s, Nube Green, Oddfellows, Office Nomads, Platinum Records, Quinn’s, Smith, Southern Street Kids, Sweatbox Yoga, The Saint, Totokaelo, and Zoe.

By signing on to become voluntary gun free zones these businesses have not only sent a message that law abiding citizens carrying concealed handguns aren’t welcome, but they’ve also informed every criminal in Seattle that no one in these restaurants and/or establishments will be able to defend him or herself in the event of a crime.

Cities in the state of Washington are not allowed to pre-empt state gun laws, but McGinn and Washington Ceasefire believe they’ve found a way around that rule by encouraging businesses to the do the dirty work for them. 

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