Rand Paul Touts NSA Lawsuit with 'Rand Paul 2016' Website

Rand Paul Touts NSA Lawsuit with 'Rand Paul 2016' Website

Early on January 3, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced he was on the verge of joining a class action lawsuit aimed at suing Obama’s National Security Agency over its spying on the American people. By that evening, Paul was using a website suggestive of possibly larger ambitions to involve people in the project: RandPaul2016.com.

As January 3 dawned, Breitbart News learned that Senator Paul (R-KY) was about to formally join a class action lawsuit aimed at putting a stop to the NSA’s many spy programs, especially its metadata collection program.

By that evening, Paul was telling the media that he hoped enough Americans would join him in his lawsuit effort to “overwhelm” Obama and his administration.

Speaking of his reasoning, Paul said that he doubted some of the justifications the administration has given for its spying programs. “Well, the thing about it is the question here is whether or not constitutionally you can have a single warrant apply to millions of people,” he said on Fox News.

Paul also revealed that Ken Cuccinelli, the former attorney general of Virginia, was leading his legal team for the lawsuit.

As Breitbart News’ Matthew Boyle reported that evening, Paul’s goal is to force the Obama administration to follow the Constitution, especially the Fourth Amendment: 

We want them to protect the Fourth Amendment. We want them to protect the right to privacy. We want them to understand that we’re not willing to trade our liberty for security. We think we can have security and we can defend against terrorism, but that doesn’t mean every individual American has to give up their privacy. We think we can have both. But we are very upset that this president doesn’t seem to be too concerned with our right to privacy.

After a day of press releases and media hits, Paul began directing Americans toward his website to get them involved in the lawsuit. That website is possibly suggestive of a larger ambition.

In a tweet posted at 9 PM, Paul pushed his campaign website, RandPaul2016.com, for people to learn about the lawsuit. Note that he used the main page address for the particular page that his lawsuit information is on, rather than a shortened bit.ly-styled address.

It’s quite a sly way to push his campaign website brand.

Certainly Rand Paul is running for re-election to the Senate in 2016, but with a website so named it could just as easily be converted to a presidential run. And speculation is running high that Paul will, indeed, run for president in 2016.