Man Accuses Chicago Cops of Raping Him With a Gun

Man Accuses Chicago Cops of Raping Him With a Gun

A Chicago man has come forward to accuse police of violently abusing him by sodomizing him with a gun and frightening him into becoming a narc.

The incident happened in October 2012, and the man has been attempting to get the Chicago Police Department to address his accusations ever since.

Angel Perez, an aspiring documentary filmmaker, says that he was beaten by CPD officers until he agreed to become a drug informer. He also alleges that police sodomized him with a gun and has filed a lawsuit seeking damages.

The news of the lawsuit filed against the CPD was first released last June by the Courthouse News Service, but Perez has not made any public statements about his claims until now.

Perez spoke for the first time to the website VICE, to whom he gave minute details of the abuse he claims he suffered.

With his lawsuit, though, he hopes to prevent others from suffering his fate.

“I can’t have this happen to someone else if I can stop it,” Perez told the website. “Money is not justice… I want these guys to be off the job, charged for what they did, and given jail time.”

This lawsuit may not be just one man against the city as so many are. Perez revealed that he is being supported in his accusations by no less than a Chicago police officer.

“I believe I am the first person in Chicago history to have an officer on his side for any brutality issue,” Perez said.

The supporting police officer said that most Chicago police officers are good people but “20 percent are like these guys that destroyed ” Mr. Perez.

Perez spent over a year being harassed by the officers that coerced him to become a drug informant and his police officer supporter said that he feared for the abused man’s safety still today. “I’m afraid for Angel,” the officer said.

Still, Perez said he is determined. “I cannot live in a society where these guys are still on the streets,” he said.


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