Gun Shop Owner: MD Mall Gunman 'Ideal' During Background Check

Gun Shop Owner: MD Mall Gunman 'Ideal' During Background Check

When Darion Aguilar walked into Rockville, Maryland’s United Gun Shop on December 10th and underwent a background check for his shotgun purchase, he was “an ideal customer.”

Store owner Cory Brown said Aguilar “smiled” and “was polite” as he talked about buying a gun for home defense. 

According to The Washington Post, Brown said, “We get plenty of people that come in here and look shady. We turn them away. We don’t even bother doing the paperwork. But this guy asked a lot of good questions. All ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Engaged us great.”

Aguilar was wearing the exact kind of shoes that Brown’s son wanted, and when Brown asked about them, Aguilar told him how comfortable they were and how many things they matched.

Before being allowed to leave the store with the shotgun, Aguilar provided his driver’s license and “his Social Security number and filled out a federal firearm purchase form.” He then submitted to and “passed the [NICS] background check.” This is the very background check that Gabrielle Giffords, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), and President Barack Obama say will reduce crime if it is mandated for all gun sales.

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