Obama's High School Pot Dealer Beaten to Death with Hammer by Gay Lover

Obama's High School Pot Dealer Beaten to Death with Hammer by Gay Lover

For years the details of the murder of the teenage Barack Obama’s pot dealer was relatively unknown, but now it has been revealed that the President’s former drug connection, Raymond Boyer, was murdered by his gay lover. A claw hammer was used as the murder weapon.

Obama has been open about his teenage use of drugs. While an up-and-coming politician, Obama mentioned his drug use in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, in which he told readers that his group of drug-using friends was dubbed the “Choom Gang.”

In his high school yearbook, Obama even thanked drug dealer Raymond Boyer for “all the good times” and in his book noted that “Gay Ray,” who was 30-years-old when he met Obama, was the one who supplied a teenage Barack and his Choom Gang pals with marijuana.

However, by the time he reached 37, Boyer was dead, a victim of murder.

The Daily Mail uncovered the court papers detailing the last days of the President’s former pot dealer before he was killed by Andrew Devere, a gay prostitute and Boyer’s lover.

During the days Obama knew him in Hawaii, Boyer was the manager of a pizza restaurant, but eventually lost that job and ended up on welfare. He lived above a car repair shop.

At some point, Boyer took in Andrew Devere, but Devere said Boyer constantly mistreated him. According to police reports, Devere said that the President’s one-time pot dealer constantly made fun of him and even claimed that Boyer developed a habit of releasing flatulence in Devere’s face.

“Appeal court documents from 1991,” the Daily Mail reports, “reveal Devere killed Boyer on New Year’s Day 1986 because: Boyer was killing a friend of his by supplying that friend with drugs; Boyer embarrassed Devere and put him down in front of other people; Boyer had developed a habit of farting in Devere’s face; Boyer once attacked Devere with a knife, slicing Devere’s finger; Boyer made Devere beg for drugs.”

Devere testified that the final straw came when Boyer refused to give him money for drugs. An argument ensued and Devere killed the man.

Devere was sentenced to life in jail but was let out in 2007. He then moved out of Hawaii, married a woman, and has held a job despite having been arrested for some minor drug offenses.

Devere’s wife spoke to the Daily Mail and explained that his drug abuse led him down all the wrong paths in life.

“He is embarrassed about it, but I told him that you cannot run from it,” wife Elizabeth said.

“He survived by being a prostitute. I think drugs affect people in different ways. It depends how you are brought up,” she said. “If you have the right tools to deal with them then it’s okay. But if not they definitely subtract from the good.”