Billionaire Behind $100M Climate Change Ad Blitz Just Another Democrat Fundraiser

Billionaire Behind $100M Climate Change Ad Blitz Just Another Democrat Fundraiser

The billionaire behind the new $100 million ad blitz pushing global warming just hosted a fundraiser at his home with Al Gore that raised $400,000 for Democrats.

Appearing at the fundraiser, former vice president Al Gore said billionaire Tom Steyer was “Mr. Tipping Point” for his plan to throw $100 million at pushing global warming on the nation, a source told Politico.

The nation’s leading global warming guru, Gore said that Steyer was a key part of “the need to not just win–but to win quickly enough to make a difference.”

The event was held at Steyer’s California home and raised $400,000 for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Among the Senators in attendance were Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Senators Patrick Leahy (D, VT), Sheldon Whitehouse (D, NH), and Mark Udall (D, CO). A handful of Congressmen were also there as were the heads of several left-wing environmental groups.

With all that money being raised for Democrats it gives further evidence to those who claim that fear of global warming is just another way to fill Democrat’s coffers with donations not to mention another way to fuel big government.

As Rich Lowry recently pointed out, for all the fearmongering and fundraising, little has actually been done to alleviate global warming. And even with those small moves undertaken by western nations, the growth of emissions in the developing world and China more than surpass the supposed savings.

In his February 19 article in Politico Magazine, Lowry rails at Secretary of State John Kerry’s phony climate war.”

Lowry ridicules Kerry and the Obama administration’s newest global warming campaign. “The Obama administration’s latest foray on climate change–clearly setting the predicate for a regulatory offensive on the issue–is notable for its cheap argumentation heedless of logic or the actual state of the evidence. The same people who congratulate themselves for taking climate science so seriously trample all over the science as a matter of routine,” Lowry writes.

So, while few real changes are actually being made to prevent global warming, there is still an awful lot of money being raised for Democrats based on fearmongering over the issue.