Joe Biden Finally Reveals Choice of Skin Cream

Joe Biden Finally Reveals Choice of Skin Cream

Nancy Pelosi does Botox; Vice-President Biden does Clinique skin cream. Biden admitted while chatting with talk show host Rachael Ray that he bathes his skin with Clinique because his wife Jill Biden tells him to. Appearing on Ray’s show to push young people to enroll in Obamacare, Biden also confessed that his wife likes to pull pranks on him, including disappearing on Air Force Two and then emerging from an overhead luggage compartment.

Aware of the American public’s breathless desire to know all things Biden, the vice-president revealed he proposed to his wife four times before she acquiesced and that he has to keep up his romantic skills because he loves her more than vice-versa.

Biden did not reveal whether Clinique interferes with hair plugs.