Kansas Jewish Center Shooting Designated a Hate Crime

Kansas Jewish Center Shooting Designated a Hate Crime

The shootings at a Jewish community center in suburban Kansas City have now been officially deemed a hate crime, officials said on Monday.

On Sunday, April 13, a shotgun-wielding man opened fire in front of two Jewish facilities, killing three.

The alleged shooter has been identified as a former KKK member named Frazier Glenn Cross, 73. Reports say that he yelled epithets and said “Heil Hitler,” as he was arrested.

Initially, authorities only said that they were investigating the crime as a murder, but on Monday, the crime was upgraded to a “hate crime.”

The accused killer was reported as having skirted firearm registration laws when he acquired his weapon.

It was reported that Cross, who also goes by the last name Miller, may have avoided background checks by acquiring his firearm through a previous owner, or perhaps even a “straw buyer.”

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