Despite Rollout Failures, Federal Obamacare Employees Awarded Big Raises

Despite Rollout Failures, Federal Obamacare Employees Awarded Big Raises

Last year employees at the federal office in charge of implementing Obamacare were given raises despite the massive failures of the rollout of the president’s takeover of our healthcare system.

A recent Freedom of Information Act request made by the Washington Examiner discovered that employees of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) were paid substantially more in 2013 compared to their 2012 salaries.

The CMS is Obama’s “ground zero in launching and managing Obamacare.”

The Examiner found that the payroll total for 2013 was $76 million, up from $69 million the previous year.

“Of the nearly 400 people in the data who worked with CMS in 2012 and who remained with the agency last year, nearly half got raises,” the paper reported, “with the average raise being worth $4,706, the data shows. Of those who got raises, their average pay rose from $147,279 to $149,289, a raise of about 1.4 percent.”

One executive, data center chief Corey B. Stevenson, received a hefty $13,036 per year raise, giving him a new annual salary of $157,421.

Of those supervisors and executives the office deigned to report on–many employees were left out of the report–none make less than $113,000 a year, and many make over $200,000 a year.

Henry Chao, listed as the deputy director of the office of information, made $163,052. As the Examiner reported, Chao was one of those who was behind the “troubled launch” of Medicare expansion.

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