Armed Citizen Intervenes for Mother With Two Children

Armed Citizen Intervenes for Mother With Two Children

An armed citizen in Houston, Texas, intervened on behalf of a mother of two being robbed in a Family Dollar store parking lot. 

According to, “a mom out with her two kids to go shopping” was walking into the store when a passenger reached out of a car window, grabbed the mother’s purse, and tried to pull it off her arm while the driver put the car in reverse. But the mother held on and was being “pulled across the parking lot” when “a good Samaritan” pulled a gun on the would-be robbers.

The armed citizen then directed both occupants of the vehicle to get out of the car, had them lie face down in the parking lot, and held them at gunpoint until police arrived. 

Police took both suspects into custody. 

Although police did not release the name of the good Samaritan, the Family Manager described him as “a hero.”

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