Report: Miami Dade Police Fire 377 Rounds at 'Two Unarmed Men'

Report: Miami Dade Police Fire 377 Rounds at 'Two Unarmed Men'

On December 10 police officers in Miami Dade County, Florida, reportedly fired 377 rounds at two unarmed men inside a disabled Volvo, killing them both.

According to CBS Miami, it all started when one of the men, Adrian Montesano, robbed a Walgreens at gunpoint. He fled in an officer’s patrol car before ditching it for his grandmother’s blue Volvo. The Volvo crashed, “wedged helplessly between a light pole and a tree,” after trying to outrun police. Officers surrounded the vehicle and fired approximately 50 rounds at the suspects. After that they paused for “nearly two minutes,” then opened fire again.

A total of 23 officers were involved, and by the time they stopped a total of 377 rounds had been fired.

Besides the Volvo, bullets hit “other cars in the lot, fence posts, and neighboring businesses.” CBS Miami reports, “They blasted holes in a townhouse where a 12-year-old dove to the ground for cover and four month old slept in his crib.”

Adrian Montesano had shot a Miami Dade Police Officer after robbing the Walgreens. CBS Miami reports this put police on heightened alert, scouring the area the for the Volvo.

When police spotted the car at 6:23 a.m., the dispatcher said, “Use caution, subject is armed.”

After giving chase, police were surprised to find the car contained not only Montesano but also a passenger – Corsini Valdes – who had reportedly not committed a crime. 

Once the chase ended and 377 rounds were spent, Montesano’s and Valdes’s bodies were both pulled from the car.

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