Scientists Claim Global Warming Will Put Historic U.S. Landmarks Under Water

Scientists Claim Global Warming Will Put Historic U.S. Landmarks Under Water

In what they are calling a “wake-up call,” the Union of Concerned Scientists is warning that some of our most famous historic landmarks are endangered by global warming.

In a new report, the group listed 30 separate sites that they feel are “at risk” because of global warming.

“From Ellis Island to the Everglades,” the group says on its website, “Cape Canaveral to California’s César Chávez National Monument, these sites symbolize values that unite all Americans–patriotism, freedom, democracy, and more–and together help weave the very fabric of our shared history.”

Liberty and Ellis Islands have reportedly already prepared for “human-induced climate change,” CNN reported on May 21.

The scientist group also claims that prehistoric artifacts are falling into the ocean in Alaska due to melting ice caps and thawing permafrost. This thawing, they say, allows the artifacts to be washed into the ocean from water run off due to storms.

“You can almost trace the history of the United States through these sites,” said Adam Markham, the group’s director of climate impacts and a report co-author. “The imminent risks to these sites and the artifacts they contain threaten to pull apart the quilt that tells the story of the nation’s heritage and history.”

There is one solution, says Angela Anderson, director of the group’s climate and energy program. “Cutting carbon emissions significantly and quickly can slow the pace of sea level rise, limit the temperature increases, and slow the expansion of the wildfire season,” she said.

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