Green Billionaire Steyer Hopes Climate Change Will Turn Florida Blue

Green Billionaire Steyer Hopes Climate Change Will Turn Florida Blue

A California billionaire who is dedicating his fortune to pushing greenism on America is hoping that his billions will cajole Florida to vote for Democrat Charlie Crist for Governor this year.

Through his Super PAC, NextGen Climate Action, hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer has announced that he is pouring big dollars into Florida to help Crist get elected.

A strategy document by Steyer’s NextGen promises that they will, “mobilize low-propensity Hispanic voters by nano-targeting in South Florida and the I-4 Corridor.”

The group goes on to attack incumbent governor, Republican Rick Scott, as a do-nothing about global warming.

Steyer is launching a full-court press elsewhere against Gov. Scott, too.

“In Florida, millions of people and trillions of dollars in assets are at risk due to rising sea levels,” Steyer claimed in a recent op ed. “Bringing climate change to the forefront of American politics means making politicians feel the heat–in their campaign coffers and at the polls–and it’s time we voters make a change.”

The California billionaire is not just inserting himself into Florida’s election. His NextGen has announced that it will dole out money to sway the governor’s races in Maine and Pennsylvania as well as U.S. Senate races in Michigan, New Hampshire, and Colorado.

But Steyer has drawn charges of hypocrisy over his U.S. global warming crusade because he made his fortune off dirty coal companies in foreign countries.

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