Poll: 60% of Dems Afraid of Being Dumped into Obamacare

Poll: 60% of Dems Afraid of Being Dumped into Obamacare

A recent poll found that 60 percent of Democrats are afraid of losing their favored healthcare plans and being forced into the Obamacare exchanges. The majority also worried that Obamacare was bad for them, no matter what.

The analysis by Morning Consult found that Republicans were more worried than Democrats about losing their healthcare; nonetheless, a majority of both were worried. Independents were a little less worried than either but still represented a majority.

“Across all parties, respondents believe that the shift to health insurance exchanges will have a negative impact on the quality of health coverage,” The Hill said the report revealed.

The report found that 72 percent of Republicans are concerned they will be dumped into the Obamacare exchanges. As to Democrats, 60 percent were worried about losing their healthcare and being tossed into the exchanges. 53 percent of independents were similarly worried.

A previous study found that 63 percent of U.S. workers were afraid their employer would dump their company-sponsored healthcare plan and toss them into the Obamacare exchanges.

Also, the numbers of those who felt that the exchanges would be good for them in the long run are still dismal.

“Only 27 percent of Democrats, 11 percent of Republicans, and seven percent of independents say the shift would have a positive effect on their current healthcare coverage,” The Hill reported this week.

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