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Parents Criticize Candy Shop's 'Meth Candy'

Parents Criticize Candy Shop's 'Meth Candy'

Parents and authorities in New Mexico are unhappy with the “meth candy” being sold by a local candy shop, saying that it isn’t a good idea for kids to pretend they are eating the dangerous drug.

Debbie Ball is selling two candies named after the TV series Breaking Bad in her Candy Lady Shop in Albuquerque’s Old Town section.

Ball insists that she doesn’t sell her “Crystal Meth Cinnamon Candy” or the “Heisenberg’s Finest Crystal Blue Meth Candy” to children.

“It’s a prop, that’s all it is,” Ball told Fox News. “I don’t sell it to children.”

But authorities are finding the kids playing with the fake meth candy in the Albuquerque Public Schools.

“It’s hard to understand why a parent would buy a child candy that mimics a narcotic,” a spokeswoman for the Albuquerque schools said.

New Mexico State Rep. Antonio Maestas said that he thinks the store should stop selling the candy.

“I think this is inappropriate for adults to sell this product,” Maestas said. “I would ask them to stop selling this item and the city should consider an ordinance to make her stop.”

The candy breaks no laws, and the candy shop owner says she won’t stop selling it.

“A lot of people have criticized me because it sends a wrong message,” the candy lady said. “Watch the show. These are the choices you make and in the end you die.”

Meanwhile, in Springfield, Oregon, an 11-month-old baby tested positive for real methamphetamine after the child was exhibiting strange behavior.

The baby was cycling his legs in an agitated motion and rolling his eyes back in his head, Springfield police Sgt. Rich Charboneau reported.

Technicians at Sacred Heart Medical Center at River Bend in Springfield told police that the child tested positive for both amphetamines and methamphetamine.

The mother claimed that she had no idea how her child could have gotten the drugs.

Lesser drugs are also turning up in the hands of kids. After Colorado passed its liberal new pot laws, kids have been getting hold of the pot-laced candies and cookies.

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