Donald Trump Surges To Commanding Lead In Post-McCain Backlash Poll

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

While his favorability rating took a hit, a new poll shows that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s comments about Senator John McCain’s war record  are not the silver bullet many in the GOP and media hoped. A YouGov poll taken after Trump’s ill-considered remarks show his support among Republican voters has surged by double digits and well-ahead of Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, his two closest competitors.

During the week of July 4-6, Trump was in first place, with 15% choosing the billionaire businessman over the rest of the field. Bush sat at 11%,  which tied with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

The latest poll was taken between the 18th and 20th. Two of those days occurred after Trump’s McCain comments. Regardless, Trump not only held on to first place, he surged to 28% support. Bush came in second with just 14%. Walker came in third with 13%.

Trump is not only in first place, he earns twice the support of second place.

The poll also asked registered Republicans to make a second choice pick. Trump earned 10%, Walker 12%, Bush 6%.

When you combine the two numbers, Trump sits at a commanding 38%. Walker is his closest competitor with just 25%.

Trump’s comments do appear to have damaged his favorability ratings with Republican voters, which dipped from 64% to 53%. His unfavorable rating climbed from 27% to 42%.

Nevertheless, when Republicans were polled, Trump tied in favorability with McCain himself. Both sit at 57%.

Among those veterans currently serving, Trump’s favorability rating beats McCain by 12 full points, 53% to 41%.

The GOP and the media have done everything in their power to destroy Trump. He’s not only gotten strong, but he is becoming a much better candidate.

Trump might have been born rich but he amassed a $10 billion fortune, came back from bankruptcy, and has remained a national brand for 35 years.

Only a snob would underestimate such a man. And now those snobs have cream pie all over their smug faces.


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