Burglars Steal Ashes of Couple’s Baby in Home Robbery

Baby's Ashes Stolen KIRO 7

A couple in Lake Forrest Park, Washington not only had their home violated, but now they feel they are being forced to go through the death of their infant son all over again because the thieves stole the funeral urn containing their child’s ashes.

Five years ago the Kropfs lost their one-year-old son, Casey, to brain cancer. Instead of burying the infant, the couple decided to cremate the tyke so that when mother Jessica passed away she might take the baby’s ashes with her into her own tomb. But after a March home invasion and robbery, those plans have been shattered.

According to KIRO channel 7 news, Jessica and husband Brian came home on March 28 to find that the basement door of their home had been kicked in and thieves had stolen the TV and other items.

“Once I came inside, I noticed that the TV was completely gone off the wall,” Brian told the Seattle CBS affiliate.

But it was when they got to their bedroom, where little Casey’s ashes were kept, that their hearts really sank. The urn with the child’s ashes was gone.

“The most important thing that we lost was a small white box that had our son’s ashes in them,” Jessica said.

“The reason I didn’t bury him is because I wanted him to be with me when I find a place, when I pass,” Jessica said. “Wherever they end up burying me, I wanted to have him with me. I never wanted to be away from him.”

The couple now feel they’ll never see the urn again.

“I really hope he’s not in a landfill,” the heartbroken mother said. “I worry that he is because he doesn’t deserve to be in the trash some place.”

If you know anything about the break-in and can help retrieve Casey’s ashes, contact KIRO’s Facebook page or call reporter Siemny Kim. Or contact the Kropf family directly at P.O. Box 924, Lynnwood, WA 98046.

Unfortunately, thieves are not often known for having a heart. Sad cases like this pop up nearly every day.

In one case, a mother was left shocked when thieves stole an Easter gift she left at the grave of her newborn daughter in Virginia. In another case, just reported today, a disabled man said the wheels of his wheelchair were stolen in Britain.

But more worrisome is the theft of a car in Soledad, California that still had a two-year-old boy strapped into the seat inside. An Amber Alert has been issued for little Jason Vargas, an asthmatic last seen in a beige beanie hat, a blue sweater, a shirt with yellow stripes and gray sleeves, and little blue jeans.

The child was inside a black Honda Accord with license plate 7LIE244, which was stolen from in front of the father’s home at 7 AM Thursday.

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