NBC: Donald Trump Likely To End Obama’s DACA Amnesty


NBC News is reporting that President Donald Trump is likely to shut down former President Barack Obama’s legally untenable ‘DACA amnesty for 800,000 illegals.

The news comes as Democratic politicians intensify their opposition to immigration reforms intended to benefit Americans, such as Trump’s popular wage-boosting RAISE Act and his promised border wall. NBC reported:

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump appears likely to pull the plug on DACA, the Obama-era program allowing young people who came to the U.S. illegally as children to remain here, several government officials said Friday.

Administration officials said the Department of Homeland Security sent a recommendation to the White House earlier this week on what to do, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions discussed the program with senior officials Thursday at the White House. Sessions has been a consistent opponent of the program, formally known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

The president can choose to end the program immediately, would cancel roughly 800,000 two-year work permits held by the illegals, who vary in age from 18 to the early 40s. Trump could also announce that he will stop awarding new two-year work permits, which will gradually end the program sometime in mid-2018.

Democrats are trying to preserve the DACA program by describing Trump and his voters as racists.

“Killing the DACA program as the Trump administration’s first post-Charlottesville move would be absolutely shameful,” claimed Vanita Gupta, the left-wing social engineer who directed Obama’s civic-regulation office at the Department of Justice. “We must not allow the hate violence that we saw on the streets of Charlottesville to become the guiding force for policy making,” she said.

A coalition of ten state Attorneys General is expected to file a lawsuit against the program on September 5. The lawsuit is expected to kill the program because the groups of AG use the same legal arguments to end Obama’s 2014 ‘DAPA’ amnesty for roughly 4 million parents of illegal immigrants.

The DACA program is expected to gradually grow to roughly 1.5 million people, as additional young illegal immigrants leave K-12 schools and ask for the DACA work permits.

Democrats — and some business-affiliated GOP legislators — want to Trump to sign legislation offering a full legal amnesty to the DACA illegals. But that full amnesty would also put the parents on track to become citizens, boosting DACA amnesty numbers up to roughly 2.5 million, estimated one immigration expert.



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