‘You Can’t Take Away Desire to Cross to the Other Side:’ Illegal Aliens Pledge to Continue Border Crossings

Men wearing neon-colored jail clothes signifying immigration detainees walk down a hall at the Theo Lacy Facility, a county jail which houses convicted criminals as well as immigration detainees arrested by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), March 14, 2017 in Orange, California, about 32 miles (52km) southeast of …

Illegal aliens and open borders activists are pledging to continue crossing the United States-Mexico border after President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) constructs a wall to stop illegal immigration.

Ahead of Trump’s visit to San Diego, California on Tuesday to tour prototypes of the border wall, he is seeking to construct along the southern border, illegal aliens and open borders activists told the Agence France-Presse (AFP) international news service they are already plotting on scaling the proposed wall, though it is unclear how they would execute such a task.

AFP reports:

At age 30, [Eladio Sanchez] has already snuck over the border several times, and doesn’t expect Trump’s wall will have much effect on undocumented migrants like him. [Emphasis added]

But, he told AFP, “you can get over it anyway.”

“It’s just a little more complicated. But people are always looking for a way to get over — out of necessity, not because we want to.” [Emphasis added]

Likewise, open borders activist Sergio Tamai with the group Angels Without Borders claimed to AFP that illegal immigration would continue even after the wall was built, though he did not give details of how.

“They are the proof that it’s possible to get through,” Tamai said. “More Mexicans are getting through all the time.”

“The desert. The mountains. Human traffickers,” Tamai said. “You can’t take away that desire to cross to the other side. That desire to build a better life for your family is such a strong, powerful energy.”

Trump is visiting the wall prototypes after the constructed models have been sitting in the San Diego desert for nearly half a year with, still, no border wall yet constructed, as Breitbart News has noted.

A US Border Patrol agent stands guard in San Diego, California near prototypes of President Donald Trump's proposed border wall

Trump threatens to pull law enforcement from California. (AFP/File FREDERIC J. BROWN)

border wall


Costing at the most $18 billion to build, the border wall would deter mass illegal immigration pouring through the southwest region of the U.S. from Mexico. A new study finds that the wall can easily be paid for by cutting off welfare to the 12 to 30 million illegal aliens currently living in the U.S.

Every year, illegal immigration costs American taxpayers roughly $116 billion, as Breitbart News reported. The cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers has risen nearly $3 billion since 2013, when illegal immigration cost $113 billion.

Annually, the federal government shells out approximately $45.8 billion in costs on illegal aliens and their children – including expenditures for public education, healthcare, justice enforcement initiatives and welfare programs. Meanwhile, state and local costs of illegal aliens total nearly $89 billion a year, which includes their tax drain on public schools, city and county infrastructure, as well as local courts and prisons.

For the total amount that illegal aliens cost American taxpayers, the U.S. could have funded a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border nearly eight times.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder. 


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