***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Missouri Rally for Josh Hawley

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018, in Las Vegas.
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President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Springfield, Missouri, on Friday evening for GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley.

Trump will appear in Missouri days after vulnerable incumbent Senator Clair McCaskill (D-MO) said she will vote against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Last night before a Las Vegas, Nevada, rally for Sen. Dean Heller (D-NV), Trump said Democrats are trying to “besmirch” Kavanaugh and said “they have to get on with it.”

“I don’t think you can delay it any longer. They’ve delayed it a week already,” Trump said. “They have to get on with it.”

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8:53 PM: Trump ends rally with standard closing remarks. Did not go on and on about Messrs. Rosenstein and Kavanaugh and mostly pumped up his “movement” that shocked the world in 2016.

8:46 PM: Trump says “now you have a president who will never apologize for America, but will only stand up for America.” He blasts politicians who have apologized for America for decades.

8:40 PM: Trump boasts about “eradicating” that “crummy Iran Deal.” He says Iran just wants to survive and no longer looking at the Mediterranean.

8:38 PM: Trump says he didn’t deserve to put in a situation where he had to deal with China (blame the Bush administration for that) on trade and North Korea.

8:35 PM: Trump also says he is fixing “one-side” trade deals that took away America’s “wealth” and “dignity.” He vows to crack down on “unfair trade practices” of China, which took out $500 billion from the U.S. last year. He says America has rebuilt China.

8:33 PM: Trump says Democrats “cheated” African-Americans for hundreds of years and now the unemployment rates/poverty rates for African-Americans are at historic lows.

8:31 PM: Trump touts his administration’s record re: lifting people off of food stamps and adding manufacturing jobs.

8:23 PM: Trump says he could build the wall in a year if he could get funding for it. Why didn’t he fight for that and infrastructure out of the gate to give Republicans incentive to get their cherished tax cuts once those things got done first? Big mistake!

8:19 PM: Trump: Democrats not just “extreme” but “crazy.” He says Democrats want to abolish ICE and let “violent” and “sadistic” gangs like MS-13 “run wild.” He says Democrats support “open borders” and “sanctuary cities” — “cities of crime” — while Republicans believe “our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding Americans and not criminal aliens.”

8:17 PM: Trump says Democrats want to give free health care to “illegal immigrants” — all paid for by taxpayers. He says Republicans want to give health care to needy Americans and not to illegal aliens. He says he will always protect pre-existing conditions when it comes to health care.

8:16 PM: Trump says Medicare is at stake in this election because Democrats want to “raid Medicare” for their socialism to make America “another Venezuela.” “That will not happen to us,” Trump says.

8:11 PM: Trump says Democrats will try to do anything to “undermine” the greatest election in history.

8:09 PM: “It’s fragile,” Trump says of the GOP majority. “You can’t be complacent.” He says if Dems take back Congress, there will be endless fights because they will want to take away everything. “You’re voting for me in 2018,” Trump says. He says voting for Democrats is a vote for massive regulations, taxes, and crime. He says they are held together by deep-state radicals, establishment cronies, and groups like Antifa. He says once Antifa’s masks come off, you have people who look like they live in their parents’ basement. He says they are so lucky that we are peaceful….

8:08 PM: Trump says a vote for McCaskill is a vote for Schumer, Pelosi and the new, legendary de facto leader of the Dem. Party — Maxine Waters. He says the new platform for Democrats is “radical socialism and open borders.”

8:02 PM: Trump blasts McCaskill for claiming to have traveled around Missouri in an RV when she was flying by private jet. He says McCaskill represents the “radical left.” He says if Democrats take back control of Congress, “that wealth is going to disappear very quickly. Evaporate very quickly.” He blasts McCaskill for voting against the tax cut and Obamacare repeal. “We need some more Republicans,” Trump says. He says McCaskill voted no on Kate’s Law. Trump: “How do you vote no on Kate’s Law?” He says she also voted no on “enhanced vetting” for refugees. “She wants to let everybody pour into our country,” Trump says, adding McCaskill wants to give them free health care and education. Trump says Democrats fight “so hard” not to take care of veterans/military.

8:01 PM: Trump says: “Look at what’s going on” in the FBI and the Department of Justice. Trump says there is a “lingering stench” though and he is going to get rid of it.

8:00 PM: Trump says Kavanaugh is out of “central casting” and was “born” to be a Supreme Court justice. He rips McCaskill for not voting for Kavanaugh and says McCaskill is part of the “swamp.”

7:58 PM: Hawley blasts McCaskill for saying a border wall is an “embarrassment” and says McCaskill is not with the people of Missouri.

7:55 PM: Trump welcomes Hawley, and Hawley says they had to turn away 20,000 people because the stadium was already at capacity. Hawley says Trump kept his promise to put “pro-Constitution judges on the bench” and mentions Kavanaugh.

7:50 PM: Trump says Missouri was never too close to call in 2016 but states like Texas, Utah, and Georgia that were were called for him “like two seconds” after the polls were closed. Trump blames the “fake polls” that he calls “suppression polls.” He says the “haters” in the media will endorse him because without “us they have nobody watching television… reading their phony papers.”

7:48 PM: Trump says Hawley is “a star” and said the venue broke every record re: crowd size for Trump’s rally. Trump says the “fake news” will never report it.

7:47 PM: Trump asks the crowd if they love the military, law enforcement, and ICE. He says “we need tough people to protect” because ICE is “dealing with tough people.” He is says America is “winning again” and being “respected again” because “we are finally putting America first.”

7:45 PM: “I love you people,” Trump says. He says he is “thrilled” to be back in the heartland. He talks about the country’s historic economy. “The stock market hit an all-time high again,” Trump says, adding that to him, the stock market equals jobs. He says we’re bringing back our factories and reopening minds. “We’re restoring our industrial might like nobody can believe,” Trump says. “After years of rebuilding other nations–getting a little tired of that–we are rebuilding our nation… with American grit, steel, and pride.”

7:42 PM: Trump takes the stage in Missouri.

7:00 PM:




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