Donald Trump: ‘I Think I’d Do Very Well’ if I Boxed Vladimir Putin

Trump/Putin, Boxing Match AP Images
AP Images

President Donald Trump theorized Thursday that he could compete with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a boxing match.

The president discussed the idea that Democrats and the media demanded that he be more aggressive with Russia and Putin.

“They want me to get into a boxing match with him!” Trump said, appearing exasperated by his critics.

“I think I would do very well,” Trump added prompting cheers from the crowd.

He said that he had a “great meeting” with Putin, adding that if he was tougher, his critics in the media would still complain.

“They would say, ‘He was too tough,'” Trump said, mimicking a news anchor. “These people are loco, I am telling you … fake news.”

He reminded the audience that the media complained that he was originally too aggressive with North Korea and later complained that he was too nice when he met with Kim Jong-Un.