Watch – Candace Owens: Big Tech Trying to Ban Conservatives Ahead of 2020 Election

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Blexit founder Candace Owens told Breitbart News on Saturday that big tech companies are trying to “make sure that conservative voices are suspended ahead of the 2020 election cycle” under the guise of protecting the “safety” of social media users.

Owens offered her remarks at Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas.

“I’m always actually really grateful when I get suspended because it forces a larger conversation about censorship in America,” said Owens, “and this myth and this lie that they’re censoring people for their own safety, or they’re censoring people because they’re spreading white supremacy, when in fact, they are just censoring opinions that they don’t like.”

“They are trying to make sure that conservative voices are suspended ahead of the 2020 election cycle,” affirmed the Blexit founder.

Owens also noted that she has already been suspended — and then un-suspended — on three different social media platforms.

“Facebook is now the third platform that I have been suspended from and then un-suspended within hours,” said Owens, “I earned that on YouTube, I earned that on Twitter, and now, of course, Facebook.”

“But typically, when the person is white, they can paint those bannings under white supremacy or fear of white supremacy,” added Owens, “and then they look, and they’re like, ‘Oh no, she’s actually black, so we have to have an ideological explanation for what she was suspended for.’”

“This is really a response to Donald Trump winning, in my opinion, in 2016,” said Owens, “He was able to get around the mainstream media narrative, and we have effectively destroyed the mainstream media.”

Owens added that circumventing the mainstream media is why she, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, and other conservative figures are able to “exist” in the national political conversation.

“Because we’ve been able to get the truth out to Americans through a different means,” said Owens, “I think that we are in the midst of the culture war; it’s to be expected, but I’m tremendously optimistic about what the outcome will be.”

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