Washington Post: Coyotes’ Taxis Terrorize Texas Towns

ROMA, TEXAS - APRIL 29: A Texas National Guard soldier instructs immigrants to follow behi
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President Joe Biden’s frequent chatter about migrant children is helping to hide the growing numbers of adult migrants who are using coyote-provided taxis to make high-speed escapes from Texas border counties.

Even the Washington Post reported on May 4 the growing number of coyote taxis rush north from the border, through many small Texas towns and communities:

“We’ve had incidents in the last few years, but this is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” said Sandra Carroll, a longtime Cotulla-area resident who has had to repair costly fencing ripped out by vehicles bailing out into her family’s ranch. “Biden gets in and suddenly the floodgates open. We are scared. This is not the same thing.”


“It’s just been one after the other after the other,” LaSalle County Constable Rene Maldonado said after responding to two incidents hours earlier. “It’s not stopping.”

The traffic is being fed by Biden’s border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, who is using his legal powers to open many doors on the border for migrants to get into U.S. jobs and communities.

“We have had these human smugglers go through our town going 80 miles an hour in a 35-mile speed zone,” Pinky Gonzales, sheriff of Refugio County, Texas, said April 28. “They have no regard for property or human lives … We have just been overwhelmed with these cases,” he said.

The Washington Post‘s article sketched the massive scale of the coyotes’ transportation network:

In March alone, Sheriff Anthony Zertuche’s deputies impounded 38 vehicles — most of which were stolen out of Houston, Austin or San Antonio — and turned over at least 138 undocumented immigrants to federal immigration officials.

“It’s been pretty overwhelming,” Zertuche said. His deputies worked five pursuits in six hours one day in mid-March. “But we are doing everything we can. It’s nerve-wracking knowing these smugglers will stop at nothing to get away at the cost of migrants’ lives.”

The illegal taxi service has led to many crashes, killing many of the migrants who are being helped by Mayorkas and Biden. The New York Times reported March 17 on one crash in Texas that killed eight illegal migrants:

The crash, after a high-speed chase that lasted nearly 50 miles, occurred [March 15] on U.S. Highway 277, about 30 miles north of Del Rio, Texas, on the Mexican border, officials said. It came less than two weeks after 13 people were killed in one of the deadliest border-related crashes in recent decades when a tractor-trailer slammed into an S.U.V. crammed with more than two dozen people in California.

Later, near the crash site on Highway 277, another Ford F-150 truck, colored tan, stopped in the northbound lane of traffic, the complaint said. When United States Border Patrol agents instructed its driver to return south on the highway, the occupants of the truck fled and “absconded into the bush,” the complaint said.

The agents later located 12 people from that truck and determined they were undocumented immigrants, the complaint said. Two of them said they had illegally crossed into the country near Eagle Pass, Texas, with a larger group of people that included individuals in the truck Mr. Tovar had been driving, it said.

Biden’s deputies are trying to hide the crisis-level flow of job-seeking migrants, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said at the April 28 press conference:

The fact that they’re not coming down here, the fact that it seems like they’re trying to hide a lot of what’s going on, they’re very very secretive. They’re not letting us know who’s coming in, who’s leaving. There should be more cooperation if they’re going to have this open-border policy, we’re going to be affected by it every day.

“I would ask them, one, follow the law; start following the law, go to policies that work, and please care about our state because it doesn’t seem like they really care right now,” Paxton said.

Biden and his deputies have tried to hide the cross-border traffic by talking up the inflow of coyote-delivered children and teenagers to the border.  This diversionary tactic keeps the picture of children and mothers on the TV screens — even as tens of thousands of job-seeking adults rush across the border.

Mayorkas has done little to stop the flow of single adults, which may have reached 185,000 since October 1. Under President Donald Trump, border crossers were usually flown back home, often thousands of miles. But under Mayorkas, border crossers are usually dropped off just across the border in Mexico without any penalty and are free to make efforts to cross the border again.

On May 3, CNN reported that “an average of around 1,500 people daily have evaded law enforcement at the border, the number of so-called ‘got aways’ that the agency detects through a variety of technological and other tracking efforts, according to the [White House] official.”

Mayorkas is making migration easier, in part because he favors migration. In a May 3 MSNBC appearance, for example. Mayorkas again argued that Trump’s enforcement of the nation’s popular immigration laws was “cruel and inhumane.” Mayorkas has repeatedly claimed that the United States is a “nation of immigrants” and recently tweeted that immigrants — not Americans– are the “backbone” of the U.S. economy.

Mayorkas’s migration is strongly supported by investors because it acts as an economic stimulus for their companies.

Over time, legal and illegal migration spikes Wall Street values, shrinks wages, sidelines U.S. graduates, and boosts housing prices. It also and further skews job-creating investments towards the coastal states, reduces companies’ use of American-run labor-saving technologies, and cements billionaires’ control over the technology sector.

Some border-district Democrats are blowing the whistle.

“I’m supportive of President Biden, I’m a supporter of his—but we’re not paying attention to the border’s communities,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) told Fox News May 2. “It’s not under control. I can tell you that.”


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